Professional Development Courses to Help You and Your Students Succeed

Complimentary Professional Development

With professional development options, you’ll earn clock hours at no initial costs.  We’ve developed professional development courses in the areas of instructional technology, course design, and leading and coaching to help hone your skills.  Apply these learnings toward a Capella degree program to help you save time and money.  

Benefits of Professional Development

Online Flexibility

Professional development is available anytime, on any device, so you can learn when it is convenient for you.

Immediately Applicable

Gain knowledge, learn strategies, and create artifacts that you can apply immediately in the classroom or your professional setting.

Earn Clock Hours You Can Apply to a Degree

Earn 25–50 clock hours toward your required professional development at no initial cost*.

*Additional requirements and fees apply when pursuing graduate credit. State regulations vary regarding salary benefits and continuing education. It is the students’ responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for their state, which may include preapproval of qualified professional development opportunities.

Setting Up a Modern Classroom

For teachers with little or no experience using instructional technology. Foundational courses that focus
on setting up, designing, and enhancing instructional materials and methods with technology in the modern classroom.

21st-Century Instructional Practices

Build your understanding of instructional technology frameworks and explore which one works best for you.

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Designing for the 21st-Century Classroom

Go step by step through building the competencies you need to transform your classroom.

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Enhancing Instruction with Technology

Learn how to apply strategies for effective planning for teaching with technology. 

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Flipping Your Classroom

Explore blended learning and “bring your own device” strategies for implementing a flipped classroom lesson.

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Digital Citizenship

Explore issues of safety, security, and etiquette when using digital tools to engage your students.

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Classroom Device Management

Develop a technology resource inventory to keep on top of the devices, access codes, and other objects in your classroom.

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Classroom Instruction Using an LMS

Understand and apply the features of an LMS that can drive success in your student outcomes.

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Standards-Based Digital Instruction

Learn to plan for instruction and evaluation that aligns to content and technology standards.

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Choose Graduate Credit

Each professional development course aligns to a master’s program at Capella University. You can turn your clock hours into graduate credit.* At any point in your course, you can choose to pursue graduate credit from Capella University.

*Additional requirements and fees apply when pursuing graduate credit. State regulations vary regarding salary benefits and continuing education. It is the students’ responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for their state, which may include preapproval of qualified professional development opportunities.

Implementing and Enhancing Course Design

For teachers and teacher leaders with moderate instructional technology use. Find courses that can
provide you with the competencies and immediately applicable artifacts to take your lessons to the next level.

Personalized Instruction

Explore personalizing competency-based instruction in a blended environment.

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Personalized Learning Through Gaming

Discover innovative ways to motivate and engage learners in a personalized environment using gamification strategies.

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Implementing Adaptive Learning

Find applied strategies to adapt to the needs of your students with disabilities, your ELL students, and your gifted and talented students.

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Designing Instruction for Adaptive Learning

See how universal design for learning (UDL) can improve learning for students with diverse needs.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

Learn how to apply effective pedagogical strategies for implementing competency-based instruction, creating an educational environment that values student voice and pace.

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Understanding Competency-Based Instruction

Gain an understanding of the differences between standards, outcomes, and competencies and the skills to integrate them into your curriculum.

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“I’m interested in furthering my own knowledge—learning for its own sake. But I also know that, in teaching, it’s beneficial paywise to get as much experience and education as I can.”

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Todd Boyer* Master of Education
*Actual Capella student who is compensated to appear in Capella materials.

Expand Your Potential with Professional Development

K-12 Teachers: How to Make Graduate School Work for You

Learn how to assess K-12 professional development options and choose the PD course that's right for you.

Professional Development for Teachers: Starting Your 1:1 Classroom

Good news for teachers prepping to take on a 1:1 classroom—there are resources available to help better understand and structure your coursework.

Professional Development for Teachers: Taking EdTech to the Next Level

Take your EdTech skills to the next level with a focus on learning strategies.

Encourage Lifelong Learning

Your district can partner with Capella to provide teachers with more than 20 complimentary professional development courses, and flexible online degree programs with discounted tuition pricing.

Leading and Coaching Others

For teacher leaders and PD professionals. Prepare to lead others in their professional development
goals and learn best practices for building, implementing, and evaluating solutions for other educators.

Instructional Coaching

Explore and evaluate coaching models and techniques that focus on solutions, not problems.

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Teacher Evaluation and Assessment

Find the teacher assessment and evaluation models that can strengthen teachers’ knowledge, skills, classroom practices, and more.

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Program specializations

Learn more about admissions requirements, costs, and courses for your specialization.